This is the legend, you know, that thing on a map or guide that shows you what all those little symbols mean? Except, rather than pictures I'm just using words. Here is a list of the different Labels I may use and what they mean.


  • Essay: As the word implies, the Essay category would be for all my informative posts, such as animation history, design guides or other things.
  • Lists: The Lists are your typical "top #" entries or other compiled them lists.
  • Review: These will make up the majority of my blog, containing all the reviews for cartoon series and movies.
  • Tribute: Though these could be considered Essays, these will mostly be about specific people and their contributions to the animation world as a whole.
For my reviews, I will actually be using a label instead of a number rank. While I think some words may be self explanatory, I'll just list their meaning to give a better example about what those labels are intended to mean.


  • Phenomenal: Writing, Art Style, Story, Character Development, all these aspects are top notch in this group. These animations are the best of the best.
  • Great: Animation of this caliber is something that could possibly be Phenomenal but something is keeping it from reaching that point, be it animation quality or overall story.
  • Amusing: These series may not have the best writing, at times it has some pretty lame jokes and typical childish humor or may be overly cliche, but it has a good entertainment value to it.
  • Moronic: It's not just that the cartoons in this category are bad, it's that they're an insult to the intelligence of their target audience.
  • Horrid: There is just no getting around it, these cartoons are just bad.
  • Mediocre: Sometimes some things aren't exactly bad, but they're not very good either and there isn't anything particularly memorable about it. Consider this the purgatory of cartoons.
  • Guilty Pleasure: These are a special breed of cartoons. Sometimes there are cartoons that aren't even really that good or unique, but for whatever reason I enjoy them.