Saturday, June 5, 2010


Oh boy, a review blog, like that hasn't been done before.

But here I am doing it anyway. This is a little spot for me to express my love for all things that are animated. For years, Cartoons have always been my very favorite form of media, to the point that Live Action shows have a very difficult time holding my interest.

Too often, especially in the States, cartoons as a whole are regarded as a medium for children. The medium itself is rarely treated with any form of respect, especially in the states, and stories used in it that could have been good are often dumbed down. To make matters worse, any form of cartoon made for 'adults' is most often filled with the same empty jokes, but with some swearing and sex thrown. This needs to change.

My aim of this blog is to talk about and showcase cartoons I think that are great and maybe those that are not so great as well as touch on the matters regarding it as an art form. I'm not an 'angry reviewer' so most my articles will be positive in nature, but not without their criticism if it calls for it. But who knows, some series might cause me to have the occasional bee in my bonnet. I also plan on going over different aspects of animation and art style as well as character design aspects, as I will be referencing those factors a lot in my reviews.

I do hope to change the general public's notion of cartoons as a story telling platform, but I think that may be hoping for a bit too much.

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