Tuesday, April 16, 2013

New Category: First Impressions

It's been far too long since I've posted here, so while I work on my animation project for this, I'm going to start something I had intended to start ages ago, First Impressions.

First Impressions is just that, first impressions of new cartoons based on the first 5 episodes of the series. I find that in a new series, going by the very first episode will often not provide enough information on the direction of the show, and I tend to find that on average after the first 5 episodes you can get a feel for the show and I can determine whether or not I want to watch it. Now that isn't to say all cartoons can be judged solely on their first 5 episodes, some series such as Venture Brothers, need a full season to properly mature and find their place, but for the purpose of the articles I will just write what I got out of the first 5 episodes of the series.

I want to try to do this with as many upcoming new series as I can, in the time I am provided with. This will cover also, both 2D animated and CGI series. Hopefully that should be enough to keep this place active until I can finally get my animated reviews rolling.

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